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Cuboree 2014

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Cuboree 2014
17-21 January 2014

Cuboree is 4-day inter-group Cub camp, held at Camp Cottermouth once every 3 years.  The Cubs are away from home  having a brilliant time with their friends, leaders and other Cubs from the ACT and interstate.  It's a time of excitement, challenges and great friendships are built at Cuboree.  See the slideshow for all the action!

Latrobe Park Scout Hall 50th birthday

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Latrobe Park Scout Hall 50th birthday
24 November 2013

In November 2013, the Latrobe Park Scout Hall turned 50 years old, and it was the 10th anniversary for Air Scouts Canberra.  The community was invited to join us in Latrobe for a celebration which included pet rock making, water rockets, a flying fox and a flyover from the Canberra Aero Club.  A great day was had by all!

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737 Flight Simulator Night

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737 Flight Simulator Night
November 2013

The Cubs recently visited the Canberra Jet Flight Simulator ( for a short flight of a 737. I heard some of the cub put the jet to a test doing barrel roles in flight. Many were able to take off and land the jet but all had a great time.

Flight Simulator

Helicopter Night

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Helicopter Night 
November 2013

Helicopter lands

The cubs and joey scouts recently went to see a helicopter to find out how it worked and get a closer look at one of these amazing machines. Imagine their surprise when the pilot kindly offered to take each of the for a short joy flight. Their excitement  and smile were impossible to quell. Each group of three cubs made their way to the helicopter and were seated, buckled and then with a roar and blast of dust and wind they were gone only to return a few minutes later ready to swap with the next group.

A big thanks to Cameron's dad for organising a fantastic evening for all of us. I have never seen such big smiles on all the kids before.

Helicopter Night


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Cubs and Joey Scout had a flight on hovercrafts. The night started with a game requiring the group to move a ball by blowing on it then we made our own little hovercraft and we each had a turn on the actual hovercraft. We did this over two weeks with half the group at the flight simulator and other half doing hovercrafts.


Dino Museum

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A Night at the Museum: Dino Style
October 2014

A recent visit to the Canberra Dinosaur Museum saw the Air Scouts touring the museum in the dark with an excellent tour guide. It really felt like we were in the movie 'A Night at The Museum'!  We got to see many dinosaurs and had a great time and we witnessed some bad acting.

Canberra Times article

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The Canberra Times article article and photo about Lord Baden Powell visiting the Second Canberra Group our predecessor group.  Also our need for historical material in planning for the Latrobe Park Scout Hall 50th anniversary.  See Gang Gang in Canberra Times

A Day in the "Snow"!

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Sunday morning bright and early a group of well prepared cubs, Joey scouts and parents set of to Mt Selwyn for a day in the snow with reports of average depths of 20cm. The excitement was high
With a  couple of stops along the way, for fresh air and toilet breaks, the group made it to the lovely sight of very little snow.

Not too sure what "Average" means on snow reports but it sure must have been deep in some places on the hill. But cubs and Joey Scouts can find fun anywhere and of they went exploring and finding snow where they could to play.
With heaps of help from parents and a good attitude from the cubs a fun day was had by all culminating in a giant snow ball fight between parents and kids... judges are out on who won (Wombat seemed to get hits lots). The trip back was quiet with many Cubs and Joey Scouts falling asleep.

A big thanks to all who helped yesterday and was interested to note that Mt Selwyn had a big dump of snow last night :)

Park Party - Back to Latrobe

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The Leaders and youth members of Air Scouts Canberra invite you and your friends to a Park Party celebrating the 50 year anniversary of the opening of the Scout Hall in Latrobe Park, Deakin.  The occasion will also promote the Scout Group, its focus on Air Scouts, and its achievements from initial establishment in Barton in 1925. 

The Park Party will be a gathering of Scouting members and leaders, parents and the community with food stalls, historical displays, music, burying of a time capsule, tethered balloon flights, and adventure activities promoting Scouts.


Can you set Sunday 24 November 2013 to join us?  If you're interested you could participate in the event by attending with friends and family. Here is the program

50th Anniversary of Scout Hall

A Park Party from 1300 h, Sun 24 November

Celebrating 50 years since the opening of the Scout Hall in Latrobe Park.

Raising funds for Hall maintenance and in particular roof repair

1. Food supplied stalls from 1300h

  • sausage sizzle and steak sandwiches

    • Rotary Club of Canberra Burley Griffin supplying -

    • Bill Andrews former Cub Leader coordinating

  • campfire scones and tea from Scout Troop (donation box)

  • icecreams by Gelato Palace

  • coffee from a vendor

  • bring your own picnic

  • seating at tables and chairs, and in marquee

  • bring a folding chair or picnic blanket if preferred

2.Scouting activities and stands from 1400h

  • Adventure challenges and skills testing for youth

    • VL Keith Jobson 

    • Robert Goodrick former GL and SL volunteered to operate

  • Flying Fox

  • Pioneering / construction

    • SL Adre De Waal and Scouts to demonstrate

  • Water rockets and paper aircraft

    • CSL Lee Arnould to operate

  • Make your own pet rock

    • JSL Claire Konno to operate

  • Scout Hot Air Balloon on the oval from 16:00
    • tethered flights - wind permitting

    • Activities Comm Ross McConnell

3. Events and displays

  • Flagpole ceremony  -   1500h         
    • Presentation of time capsule and a couple of speeches
  • Fly past of aircraft in formation from Canberra Aero Club - 1520
  • Paper plane landing competition
  • Model aircraft displays
  • ACT Scout Branch promotional material

4. History and photos in the Hall

  • Description of origin of the Group

  • Baden Powell walking stick

  • photos and material being collated and coming in from volunteers

  • projected images.

  • meeting of former leaders and parents

5. Music

  • Supplied by former Rovers

The Baden Powell walking stick given to 2nd Canberra (the group's predecessor) will be on display. It and the visit of BP recently featured in an article in the Canberra Times 

Roof repairs

We are also using the day to receive donations for the hall maintenance fund. The floor and roof would benefit from a makeover. Contributions can be made by donating goods and services, or directly to the Scout account. Scout Association of Australia ACT Branch Air Scouts 

Bank Account   BSB: 032-719 Account no: 46-8516. 

Please keep the date. It would be helpful if you could let us know by email of your intention to attend.

If you have photos, or historical material for displays,suggestions or contributions please contact us. 

George Wilson 


Tell us your history


Easter Egg Drop

posted 20 May 2013, 05:11 by Web Master

It is Easter and all good Air Scouts need to know how to make an egg fly. Well we all know how to make an egg fly but the important thing is to land safely. This was our challenge drop an egg and not break it.
Many techniques were tried including a parachute some worked some did not. This that worked were "rewarded" with the egg broken over their own heads.

Cubs and Joey Scouts worked in pairs with random junk we had around the hall trying to perfect the eggs landings. With some it was obvious by the noise they made as they hit the floor the egg didn't survive  Some were like a present in pass the parcel requiring many minutes to unwrap to discover the success or more likely failure of the design.

Even the leaders had a go but sadly for Bagheera the egg survived the fall using his parachute technique.


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