5...4...3...2...1...BLAST OFF!!!!

posted 14 Dec 2009, 19:28 by Web Master   [ updated 14 Dec 2009, 19:41 ]
The Cubs and Joey Scouts got together for a family BBQ and rocket launch evening. The night started very windy so the rocket launch was postponed until the wind had died down. We all enjoyed playing a few games and cooking some snags.

But around 7pm the wind died down and we were able to launch the rockets. Seth was first to go and the rocket zoomed to the sky then the ribbon deployed and detached from the rocket. Shame Seth's father can't tie good knots. The rocket was found eventually by Ka in the middle of neighbouring football field.

Others launched there rockets and some were never seen again falling to earth somewhere in the park area but never spotted where. Others where eagerly recovered by the cubs racing after them.
The evening finished around 8pm with all seeming to have had fun. (See MP4 Video)

As this was the last event for the year I would like to take an opportunity to thank all parents and leaders who help make the running of the Cubs and Joey Scouts so much fun. The evening and camps would not work if it was not for the help of all of you and you should be proud of the wonderful kids you all have.

Web Master,
14 Dec 2009, 19:41