Air Activities Camden

posted 17 Mar 2009, 00:11 by Web Master   [ updated 17 Mar 2009, 00:26 ]
The entire Group of Air Scouts Canberra traveled to Cobbity and Camden to have a weekend of Air Activities. This involved Venturer, Scouts, Cubs and Joey visiting the Scout Air Activities Center at Camden Airport to earn various badges and to enjoy a flight.
Cubs go for a walk around Cobbity Cricket Ground

For most of us we left Saturday afternoon and headed up to Cobbity where we stayed at the Cobbity Scout hall. This hall is set next to the Cobbity Cricket Ground and had plenty of area for the youth members to run around. The weather was  alittle unpredicatable but as you can always predict it started to pour with rain as the Scout put up their tents. They got them up and were ready for dinner although a little wet.
We had a camp fire and a few skits by the Cubs and Scouts

The Cubs slept in the hall and was very pleasant to hear rain hitting tin roof at 3 am... although would have been nicer not to hear it and sleep through it.
One of the Cessna 172's the Air Activities Group used for the flights.

Breakfast was bright and early as we left for Camden Airport early ready for a day of learning and flying. The Scouts were first to fly with each group having a half hour flight. The Cubs and Joeys learned about the parts of an aircraft and throry of flight and also shown how to wear the headsets. Then went for a walk around the airport to see all the different parts that make up an airport.
The Cubs and Joeys Walked around the Airport we even walked right next to Taxi Way.

Then the cubs and Joeys went flying while the Scouts did their theory.
A view from the Aircraft

A great weekend was had by all and I believe everyone earned their badges. All the cubs got their level 2 Flight badge. Thanks to the leaders at the Scout Air Activity center and we hope to see you again soon.