Air Scouts win the Annual Scout Raft Regatta

posted 13 Nov 2011, 18:20 by Web Master   [ updated 13 Nov 2011, 18:20 ]

What a fantastic day to be on the water!


150 Scouts lined up for the Annual Scout Raft Regatta on the foreshore at LBG Scout Hall. 26 Patrols participated. There were some very successful rafts and some that didn’t quite work. However it was a learning experience and a number of scouts were seen to check out those craft among the top finishers obviously with an eye to next year’s production for the regatta.


The winning entry for 2011 was one of the teams from Air Scouts. To check out all the “ top ten” results and the winning team go to and have a look at the Raft Regatta tab.


Congratulations to all of those Scouts who participated today and really enjoyed themselves also to the winners and those in the top ten.


Thanks also to the leaders and parents  who assisted with the safety boats, the lunch, the transport and contributed to another successful Raft Regatta


Rob Fredericksen

ACT Commissioner Scouts