ANZAC Sleepover and Dawn Service

posted 24 Apr 2009, 18:47 by Web Master   [ updated 24 Apr 2009, 18:58 ]
The Annual ANZAC Sleepover and dawn service was held again although the term sleepover should be changed to wakeover. Airscouts had 6 cubs and 1 joey attend. After arriving and playing a few games and walking around the war memorial the youth members were sent to bed... to sleep... many hours latter muffled voices could be heard communicating to each other. I do remember waking around 3am and still hearing a few muffled voices.
The Hall with sleeping bags set up ready to go for the "Sleep" over.

Nick ready for "Sleep". According to Jack and Nick they did not sleep... I can remember hearing their voices late into the night.

We were all rudely awaken by the venturers at 4:10am and made our way to the dawn service. The weather was not great but the rain held of to the end of the service. Breakfast was had and a quick visit to the unknown soldier and then was time to go home where parents will have the joy of tired cubs and Joey for the day.
Sitting to the right of the Stage at 4;50am waiting for the Dawn Service to start.
Oliver, Nick, Roy, Yuri, Seth, (Jacob behind Seth), Jack and Siobhan.