Astronaut Training Night

posted 6 Nov 2012, 21:54 by Web Master
Astronaut Trainee Davey on the Space Suit Obstacle Course

Recently the cub were visited by trainers from the National Air Scout Astronauts (NASA) Training staff (NASATS) to help prepare our Air Scout Cubs for space.
Professor Groucho Kaa from the NASATS

Various Activities were carried out including an Spacesuit Obstacle Course. Here cubs had to suit up and run a through an obstacle course in their simulated space suit. This was to give them the feel of working in environments with limited feeling and difficult clothing. Davey had the best suit for the night (pic at top of page). 
Simulated space suit made thing interesting

We also had the Rip Cord pull where astronaut with help from their team had to reach and grab for a rip cord in the dark to slow their ships descent.
Parachute deployed

Being able to work in difficult dark environments with delicate equipment was the test that all had to pass at the end of the night. This egg and spoon race with a difference resulted in few breakages but sadly some eggs did not make it.
Balance, Skill and speed required
Sadly not all made it

All passed their training and we hope that the future Astronauts go on to bigger things. 

Helmet at the ready

It is interesting to note that the first person to set foot on Mars is probably alive now!

Good luck our future Astronauts.

Pictures by Master Seth