Canberra Airport Fire Station

posted 23 Feb 2009, 17:44 by Web Master   [ updated 23 Feb 2009, 18:08 ]
The Cubs visited the Canberra Airport Fire Station on Monday the 23 Feb 2009. 

We were first given a OHS briefing that included what to do if an emergency was to happen while we were there. The Alarm went off and the doors opened to reveal 3 large Airport Fire Trucks. It was like a scene from Thunderbirds.

The cubs then visited the comms room and had a great view of the Airport. We learned how all the alarms came to this room and that they have a call out around once a day mainly for first aid.

Then we toured the Trucks and saw all the equipment they had and how big they were. They cost about 1.5 Million each and weighed over 30 tons.
And finally the Fire Engine showed us what it could do. They took it for a spin and shot the water canon and various sprinklers and then let the cub use one of the hoses. The Cubs loved every second of it. A big thank you to the guys at the Canberra Airport Fire Station.