Chalk Chase

posted 16 Feb 2012, 15:44 by Web Master   [ updated 16 Feb 2012, 15:46 ]
Monday saw the cubs chasing chalk marks around the Parliamentary triangle. With three new chums in hand we broke into two groups and set off to find the chalk marks that pointed to where we must go next. Strangely the group that went second ended up in front of the other group. So the first group stopped between old and new parliament houses for a short game to allow for more separation.

Playing a game.

We are lucky to live in Canberra that has so many interesting places to spend the evening. The Parliamentary Triangle is just one of many public spaces that we can utilise.

All seemed to have fun even parents enjoyed the walk. Next week we plan to do experiments with Hot Air and lifting. We can compare with our recent experiments with Helium. We always welcome new potential cubs so if your between age of 8 and 11 and want to have fun with our group come along.