Cubs Sleepover

posted 19 Jun 2011, 20:09 by Web Master   [ updated 19 Jun 2011, 20:57 ]
The cubs had a noisy sleepover in the hall on Saturday Night.
We started with a small fire and some songs, jokes and skits. The jokes got worse the singing got worse but the skits were fun.

The venturers visited and showed us their fire twirling skills. The cubs loved it especially the fire breathing they said was like watching a real live dragon. Thanks to the three venturers who came to show us.

YouTube Video

Then we had Pizza a good healthy dinner and a few games and then time to sleep. Pizza eaten quickly and games played with vigor and sleep was a failure.

In the morning the birds were stomping and tweeting at 5:30 only to be grumbled at by an angry Wombat.

Thanks to Catharina  for the pictures.