Easter Egg Drop

posted 20 May 2013, 05:11 by Web Master
It is Easter and all good Air Scouts need to know how to make an egg fly. Well we all know how to make an egg fly but the important thing is to land safely. This was our challenge drop an egg and not break it.
Many techniques were tried including a parachute some worked some did not. This that worked were "rewarded" with the egg broken over their own heads.

Cubs and Joey Scouts worked in pairs with random junk we had around the hall trying to perfect the eggs landings. With some it was obvious by the noise they made as they hit the floor the egg didn't survive  Some were like a present in pass the parcel requiring many minutes to unwrap to discover the success or more likely failure of the design.

Even the leaders had a go but sadly for Bagheera the egg survived the fall using his parachute technique.