Hot Air Balloons

posted 20 Feb 2012, 15:24 by Web Master   [ updated 21 Feb 2012, 04:18 ]

After success of the Helium Balloon evening we had fun with hot air last night. The cubs made two different types of hot air balloons; one we used hair dries to fill and one with birthday candles to try to produce the heat.


Preparing the Balloon

Inflating Balloon

Although our success was limited we did have fun experimenting further for our level 1 science badge.

Is there a Problem?

One Flying


The Hair Dryer Balloon was able to fly for short periods. When we asked the cub why it wasn't working well they had many ideas but most agreed the air in the hall was warm and so harder to get the balloon in the air.

Candle Powered Balloon


Next we made candle balloons this was little more dangerous but the cubs did really well. We got three Candle Ballon/Lanterns made and trying to take off. One of these was dancing as it just need a little more heat to take off but it was so close.

Closing Parade by Candle Light


Our closing parade was held by Candle Light Lanterns and made a relaxing end to a fun night.

Candle Light Closing Parade