posted 30 Oct 2011, 22:13 by Web Master   [ updated 30 Oct 2011, 22:13 ]
Tired but very happy. That is how best to describe the scouts after last term’s Jamborette. 
All but two scouts attended. Troop Council therefore kept the patrols in tact, rather than mixing and matching scouts across patrols. This is just how it should be. Teamwork, discipline and order was the result!
The troop earned a camp standards award for their effort around the campsite. Furthermore, with all the rain we received, the scouts learnt how to stop water running through the traditional troop tents—dig trenches!
We also continued our tradition of “sundowners” and entertained the scouts’ guests and the camp brass at a “grape juice and cheese” and “caviar hors d’oeuvres” on Saturday and Sunday respectively.