Navigation Simulation

posted 31 May 2010, 03:47 by Web Master   [ updated 31 May 2010, 21:48 ]

The Air Scout Canberra Cub and Joey Scout section simulated the flight path we are taking this weekend with a Flight Simulator. We took off from Canberra Airport and heading a bearing of 321 degree to fly over Yass where we turned and headed for Goulbourn Airport on a bearing of 75 degrees. Each cub had a chance to fly the simulator and try and keep it on course. We also looked at landmarks we had identified on the Air Charts.
Logan also showed us the headsets we will all be wearing to talk to the pilots and telling them which way to go. Also allow us to talk about the landmarks we fly by. Sadly two cubs crashed their aircraft during the simulation with much simulated gore and real laughter. 

This Sunday we will fly the root for real in two small aircraft. Leaving Canberra around 9:30am. Half the cubs will fly via Yass to Goulbourn the rest will fly to Canberra from Goulbourn via Braidwood.