UP - Fun with helium balloons

posted 8 Feb 2012, 17:22 by Web Master   [ updated 8 Feb 2012, 17:37 ]
The cubs spent the first night back experimenting with Helium Balloons. We started the night trying to work out how much 1 balloon would lift and guessing the number of balloons needed to lift 100g bottle.

 At this point we had a visit from a flying shark... the world just got a little more dangerous! 

We found 10-12 balloons were needed as they were different sizes. Each six was able to make their bottle fly. 

Now we needed to lift a cub before we moved onto lifting the hall to South America (Which is east or west).

Julia was chosen as smallest cub and we worked out we need about 2000 balloons we only had a 100 so we tried anyway. Sadly Julia didn't move but when she got out the basket flew to the ceiling and hence we had Air Scout One our first sustainable flying machine

Sadly the Scout all still stands in Latrobe Park and not at Paradise Falls Sth America. But we may have made it easier to take washing out to the line.