"Urban Tenting"

posted 3 Mar 2011, 03:21 by Web Master   [ updated 3 Mar 2011, 03:24 ]
The Scout Troop recently trialled an activity known as "Urban Tenting". In their patrols, scouts were set loose to roam a defined area with a tent in hand. In various locations of their choosing, they pitched the tent and took a photo of scouts in the tent and some background to identify where it was pitched.  They then struck the tent and moved on.

The idea was to erect the tent in as many different, interesting and challenging locations as possible within the defined time period.  The area of operations for this introduction to Urban Tenting was the Parliamentary Triangle (Lake Burley Griffin foreshore).

Scouts managed to get their way into Questacon and also the National Library which gave a great photo opportunity with Peter Garratt.  Some of the external scenic shots proved quite artistic.