Visit by the VCDF

The Vice Chief of the  Defence Force Air Marshal Mark Binskin AO recently visited the Air Scouts. He was meet by our three Sixers' Catharina, Roy and Philip and lead into the hall ready to talk to the cubs about his career and the aircraft he had flown.
Wombat, Philip, Catharina, Roy and Air Marshal Mark Binskin

Many questions were asked and we all learnt the speed of a F-111 from James. The VCDF has had an interesting and diverse career flying many different aircraft and the cubs were fascinated by his stories and information. It has been a while since they have been so riveted to a speaker.
Cubs enjoyed the stories of many different aircraft.
The VCDF left some fun products for the cubs and leaders including a lovely plaque that will be soon hanging in the entrance of the hall.
Comparing their loot.

Thanks to Air Marshall Mark Binskin for his time and stories. We all had a great night.

Congratulations to Air Marshall Mark Binskin on his promotion to the role of the Chief of the Defence Force!