Walking a tight rope - Branch Cub Camp 2012

posted 16 Sep 2012, 17:09 by Web Master
The weekend of the 15th and 16th saw the Air Scouts joining the ACT branch for the annual Branch Cub Camp. Some 250 cubs and leaders had a great weekend on the theme of Reading.

One activity the Air Scout did in our spare time was challenge the cubs to walk the tight rope and to think creatively.

Angus (From LBG) walks the tight rope!

Each cub attempted the challenge of getting to the other side. Some made it a few meters before succumbing to gravity.

Philip, as did all others, discovers the laws of gravity.

One cub realised we had not set any conditions to get across the other side on the rope and became creative to the cries of "Not Fair" from the other cubs. She was the first to cross successfully.
It is about balance but more about creativity.

Once the cub realised that the challenge was to use their brains to get across there was a mad rush to get sticks and other items to help each across. Most walked the tight rope successfully.

Roy uses two sticks.