Types of Air Scout Program Activities

Here are some of the opportunities that are part of the Air Scouts Program.

Air traffic controlling

Visit control tower, lectures from controllers, material from Air Services,
Radar control
ground controlling signals
lighting signals
invent a game being controlled

Aircraft recognition

Aircraft Types, build dossiers
Digital camera - collect photos
Air cadets have a methodology for identifying aircraft


Downer Planetarium and observatory - www.msowww.anu.edu.au/cas
Learning opportunity - the earth in space, the Solar System, Outer Space, Space travel
Mt Stromlo facility
Connnect with local clubs

Aviation Safety

Bureau of Air Safety Investigations – Materials evalution – forensic Alan North
Black box
Safety education section
Information and literature available from Alan Murray
Correspondence and Information Officer
Divisional Coordination and Systems Branch
Aviation Safety and Compliance Division
Civil Aviation Safety Authority


Crew for World Ballooning Mildura June 04
Support local operators Dawn drifters
Balloon Aloft as local providers
Also private ballooners
Air Force - Balloon
Visits to hall by balloonists describing epic flights,
Construction of lightweight hot air balloons and conduct test flights.
Early morning flight for troop in hot air balloon over Canberra
Make own balloon – Double Helix competition

Bats and birds

Canberra Ornithologists Group
Learn how animals fly
Flying foxes
How birds fly
Bird species
Bird identification
Birds as pets
Birds in the environment, ecology


Moruya camping on beach and at Moruya Aero Club
Group camp bringa friend - insurance does cover
Moruya Air Show
Green Cape with coastal walk and camping

Canberra Aero Club

Canberra Aero Club is co hosting space at the airport at back of Club for an air activities base.
It will be available when needed for on airport activities.
The room will have a focus on teaching and training.
Members of of the Aero Club have been collaborating in providing their aircraft to support flying activities.
Vocational connections established and experience developed
Club members have offered to support fly aways.

Canberra International Airport

Inspection of the fire tenders and demonstration of water hoses and canon
• visit to the control tower
• inspection and sit in a wide range of aircraft from jets on the civil apron, the VIP flight, helicopters both military and civilian,
• air charter operations including Piper, Beechcraft and Cessna aircraft,
• training aircraft
• flight simulators used for instrument training

Careers in aviation

Commercial pilot
Airline pilot
Flying Doctor
Aircraft engineer
Airforce Careers
Airline industry careers
Flying for fun
Search and rescue

Conventional Scouting Badgework continuing in Air Scouts

Compile and document schedule of badge earning activities.
Focusing on Scouts, Venturers and Rovers
Model on Camden experience

Fact and fiction


First aid

Air port Fire Services
South Care Helicopter - Symonston

Air ambulance

Royal Flying Doctor Services

Flight simulation

'Fly' simulators at airport - available in Air Activites Centre
MS Flight simulator
Web sites, activities
Set up computers in Air activities centre

Fly away events

Parkes Telescope
Avalon air show and Pt Cook Museum
Benalla Gliding Club
Camden - camping at NSW Air Scouts facilities
Wagga Wagga RAAF base
Nowra Aviation Museum
Tralee - Tiger Moths and older aircraft
Moruya Beach - timed for the Air Show
Canowndra - Ballooning weekend at Martys Festival in April
'Country Aero Club' at Bowyllie owned by Dick Smith
Temora Aviation Museum

Flying training

Part of Adventurous activities
Note that Air Scouts Canberra is not proposing flying training in its own right but would conduct flights in conjunction with the Canberra Aero Club.
Flying training available from the Camden Scouting Centre. A two week live in course for Venturer aged Scouts is available each year in January, Takes participants as far as first solo.
Invite Camden Aircraft to Canberra for a fly in


Canberra Gliding Club - Bunyan -
Time share arrangements possibly as per the Pittwater Project and sailing campaign
Camping on site possible
Also Camden gliding
Hang Gliding or Paragliding
Para gliding from vehicles or on water


Theory of helicopters
Model making
Former Latrobe Park - Queens Scout
Air Scouts to be part of support group for SnowyHydro Southcare
Visits to SnowyHydro Southcare facility
Reciprocal fund raising links
Brochure at open day

Heritage of Flight

Air Scouts history
Centenary of Flight- Wright Bros - 17 December
Joint celebration in planning with Aero Club

History of aviation

Centenary of flight by the Wright Bros
Australian aviation pioneers
Famous Scout aviators
History of space exploration
Australian War Memorial
Historical aircraft storage - Mitchell

Kite Flying

Making models
Second Wind sells kites

Kub Kars

Design & Build Kub Kars
Participate in ACT Kub Kar rally

Model aircraft building and flying

Build from kits
Liaison with Canberra Model Aircraft Club
Attend flying days
Delta dart, buddy league to train in flying
Canberra remote controlled flying club - CMAG
Develop partnerships with Club


GPS trials and use
Backpack kits and tracking devices APRS
Participation in navigation training conducted for other adventurous activities
Conventional map reading

Parachuting or a tandem jump

Participation in training for an individual jump
Visit to the parachute centre at Wilton
Tandem jump at Canberra - Graeme Windsor


From Boats
from vehicles

Radio communication

Procedures rules - air traffic control

Radio operations

Radio procedures, Frequencies and spectrums, Ham radios
JOTA - monitoring calls

Rockets (See Movie)

Making and firing model rockets
Schedule visits to collaborators and funders

Search and rescue

Visit Maritime and Air Rescue Centre in Canberra


Laser firing Electro optic systems
Space suit experience
Tidbinbilla Deep Space Tracking Station - NASA
Laser firing Optic Systems

Theory of Flight

Aircraft Classifications
Displays in the Air Activities Centre at the Airport
Principles of Flight
Aircraft systems


Displays and trials


Properties of the air
Contact with forecasters