ASC History

Air Scouts Canberra was created in 2003 when the Latrobe Scout Group was renamed to Air Scouts Canberra.

The story of Air Scouts Canberra starts with the 2nd Canberra Scout Group that began meetings on 17 Dec 1925 at Duntroon. The troop scarf was purple with a half inch gold trim and is basis of today's Air Scouts scarf

In 1931, Scouting founder - Robert Baden-Powell (BP) visited the 2nd Canberra Hall at corner National Circuit and Blackall St, Riverside (now Barton).  It had been opened the previous year by Governor General Lord Stonehaven. 

BP opens hall BP opens Hall
30th March 1931, Riverside/Barton - BP at the 2nd Canberra Scout Hall

1935 - 2nd Canberra registered a cub pack

 Meanwhile, 5th Canberra Scout Group had begun meetings on 28 July 1926. 5th Canberra was to become 1st Yarralumla in 1965.

In 1978,  2nd Canberra joined with 1st Yarralumla to become Latrobe Park Scout Group with current hall as its base.

BP’s Walking Stick

Air Scouts is the custodian of one of BP’s Walking Sticks. It was donated to 2nd Canberra Scout Group by


 Dacre Smyth in 1963, the year the Hall was opened by Governor General Lord de Lisle

Dacre H Smyth AO (1923–2008) was an Australian a naval officer who participated in the D-Day landings and the Battle of the Coral Sea. He joined the Royal Australian Navy in 1940, retiring as a commodore in 1978.

He was the son of the distinguished British General Sir Nevill Maskelyne Smyth VCKCB.[1]

Dacre Smyth's deed of donation of the BP Walking stick note reads:

“This carved walking stick was originally presented to the founder of the Boy Scout Movement and the World Chief Scout, Lord Robert Stephen Smyth Baden Powell by Scouts from the Solomon Islands where it was made.

In January 1935, BP gave it to his cousin, General Sir Neville Smyth VC who left it on his death in 1940 to his son who was (then) Captain Dacre Smyth, Royal Australian Navy and Group Scout Master for 2nd Canberra Scout Group.  Captain Smyth presented it to 2nd Canberra (now Air Scouts Canberra) in December 1963. If the 2nd Canberra Scout Group (1st Deakin Group) ever closes, the stick is to be transferred to the Canberra area headquarters (now the ACT Branch). Signed Dacre H. Smyth"