The Scouting Movement

Scouting is open to all young people, boys or girls of whatever faith or interest. The movement is designed to teach good values and life skills and to take our young and show them the world.

Scouts get to meet new friends, overcome new challenges and set out to meet the world head on. Adventure and extending the individual are the keys to individual growth. Most Scouts get to do things they otherwise would never get the opportunity to, or even imagine they were capable of.

Scouting is a community based, volunteer led movement that reaches out to other communities, States and even internationally. Scouting teaches values and skills. Scouting lets you get a whole new meaning on life. Scouting lets you discover how much more you can do. You can join at any time or age. Leaders and parents get to join in the fun.

Along with weekly meetings during school term there are periodic camps and weekend activities. Every three years there are major get togethers like Jamborees, and other huge events, where Scouts get to meet people from all around the world whilst having lots of fun, getting absolutely filthy, exhausted and breaking out of everyday life.

Don’t let everyone else have all the fun.
Challenge yourself and join now!