Air Scouts Canberra

Air Scouts Canberra is an active group with a full program, and some of the time, not all of the time, we apply our special interest in aviation and space to our activities.  A usual Cub Group would visit a local fire station, and at Air Scouts, we would visit the fire station at the Airport.  

During the summer months we make the most of daylight savings and warm weather and hold most activities, including week night meetings, outdoors in the park beside the Scout Hall.

Ask for our Term programs for more information on past activities.

There are a few activities that are inherently included in our pack program, such as games, campfire cooking, camping, craft and badge work – these will depend on the section as the age of the youth. When involved in adventurous activities such as canoeing, rock climbing and caving, adventurous activities leaders who have been trained and qualified in these activities will run the program.

History Air Scouts Canberra

New Parent's Guide to Air Scouts booklet

For more details on Air Scouts and what we do, please download the attachment at the bottom of the page, called the 'New Parent's Guide to Air Scouts'.   We hope it answers many of your questions, but if you have any other specific questions, please contact the Section leader.

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