'All About Clouds'
Monday 23 June 2014

Being a helicopter pilot, it's fair to say that Nic (Camerons' dad) was a bit overqualified to teach the kids about Clouds and Weather Patterns at our Cloud night.  Of course the Cubs were super excited to learn about climate, weather, clouds and relative humidity amongst other things and hearing it from a chopper pilot made it all the more exciting. 

Nic very cleverly got the message across by getting the kids involved every step of the way, and presented every idea with a real-life example. We all learned about cloud formations, predicting rain, and unique weather around Canberra, and got some hands on experience by building an ananometer (to measure wind speed) out of paper cups and straws.  We also spent some time in our Sixes, making posters with cotton balls for clouds and alfoil for lightening bolts. 

We are also working towards our Level 1 Weather Badge as a group so we achieved a great deal towards that last night. 

Thanks to BOC in Fyshwick who donated the dry ice which created a cloud-like effect in our Scout Hall, it was fascinating. 

In the lead up to our Cloud Night, we asked the Cubs to enter the Air Scouts Cloud Photo competition.

As Leaders, we have to say we were really impressed with the results!  Check out the powerpoint presentation below to see some of the great photos taken by our Cubs on their parents' smart phones.  In first place was Hugh, for a photo taken on a flight to Brisbane, followed by Jason (above) and Olsen was in third place.  Congratulations to our budding photographers!

Martine P.,
22 Jun 2014, 19:13
Martine P.,
23 Jun 2014, 20:46
Martine P.,
23 Jun 2014, 20:45