ACT Kub Kar Rally 2014

Get ready for the ACT Scouts 9th Kub Kar Rally 2014!  

ACT Kub Kar Rally 2014
Campbell High School Gym (new venue)
Sunday 3rd August 2014
Registration opens at 11.30am

Air Scouts will be competing this year again, and we have purchased some kits from the supplier in Canada so these are available for painting and decorating. 

1. ACT Kub Kar Badge Design Competition
Cubs from around the ACT have been asked to design a badge for the 2014 Kub Kar Rally.  The document below tells us what's needed for the badge design. The idea is to use only a few colours (the more colours the greater the badge cost), but you can use a unique shape for the badge too, it doesn't need to be round or square.  

2. ACT Kub Kar Rally 2014 Rules
Attached is a copy of the Rules for the Ninth Annual ACT Branch Kub Kar Rally to be held on Sunday 3 Aug 14 at the Campbell High School Gym.
As well as racing their Kars, Cubs will be able to enter them for judging in the Design Only category again this year (not compulsory) – see below.
Categories for Design Only Vehicles
Design Only vehicles can be Kars entered in races or they can be Kars made specifically for the design category (and not raced). Refer to the Rally Rules for further detail about these vehicles.  The judges will decide which vehicles are appropriate for each category.  There is a small prize for the winner of each category.
The following are the categories (with suggested examples) under which ‘design only’ vehicles will be judged.  The examples given do not constitute an exhaustive list – they are only intended to serve as a guide or imagination jogger.
• Best Detail.  This includes overall craftsmanship, attention to detail, quality of finish, paint job and the suitability of additions or decorations that might be included depending on the style of the Kar.  Vehicles in this category might include vintage cars, specialised vehicles – ambulance, taxi, military vehicle, police car, bus, semi-trailer, armoured car, electrician/plumber’s van, fire engine, Grand Prix racing car - or they might just be an ordinary family sedan, ute, truck, station wagon or four-wheel drive, etc, etc.
• Funniest Design.  This could include Kars based on cartoon characters, super heroes, insects, animals, birds, Grandpa’s jalopy, the Kar from Mars, the Kar of the Future, etc, etc.  Let your sense of humour run wild!
• Most Original Design.  As the title indicates, this can be whatever your imagination leads you to create.  It could be a ‘new’ take on an ‘old’ vehicle.  It should be different enough to be “original” but could even be a type of Kar that might just as easily be included in either of the other two categories.

Leaders’ Race
There will be a race for those Leaders who want to bring their creations and test them against their fellow Leaders’ creations – just for a bit of fun!  The race/races will probably take place after Cubs have finished their required number of races and before the Cubs’ finals.  No registration fee will be charged for these entries.
Information to Follow
1.  Registration Lists and Pack Prefixes will be sent out around mid July.
2.  Program and detailed Schedule of Events – by end of 3rd week in July.
3.  Kub Kar Rally Roles list - also by end of 3rd week in July – Leaders will be required to nominate themselves prior to the Rally for one of the roles on the list, eg Track Starter, Track Judge, Track Marshal, Pit Stop Crew, etc.  John Vassallo from the Branch Cub Team will be coordinating this list.
Happy Kub Kar making!

3. Kub Kar Rally Kits for purchase (Air Scouts only)
We have purchased some kits from Canada and the cost of these is $8.00 each from Jacala. Now the kids mould the blocks into some winning race cars! Think Batmobile, Flying Car, Mobile phone, etc.

Here are some links on how to make a winning car: 
And some great creative ideas on car design:

As you can see this is a great activity for mums and dads to do with their Cub Scouts in the holidays. 

You can turn them into this:

**Air Scouts Parents only - Organising the Design and Build of your Kub Kar **

The annual Kub Kar Rally is organised by the ACT Scout Branch, and is an event which is LOVED by Cubs from around the ACT (and their leaders and parents!).  From a block of wood, the Cubs need to cut and shape their Kub Kar to either win in the Design category or Speed category.  For some parents, helping their Cubs make the Kub Kars will be an easy task - but for others, they wouldn’t know where to start.  In the past we tried building the cars as a group but it just didn’t work and there are inherent safety issues involved when tools and cubs are involved!  We have 5 weeks to get our Kub Kars made, so we are encouraging forward planning to make sure all Cubs get an opportunity to get involved.  Apart from designing and building the cars, we need to decorate them, weigh them, test them and adjust them and weigh them again (there is a weight limit and weight in the right place makes them go faster). There will also be paperwork to do.  So here’s a rough outline on what we have planned:

• Kub Kar Design phase: Firstly, the Cubs will need to work out a rough design on paper so the cutting and shaping can take place right away, we will send a worksheet out to help them with this process. 
• Build phase: Then comes the build phase, where you will need some tools such as a little saw/dremel/sandpaper.  Andrew (Kaa) has very kindly offered to donate his time and tools to help make the cars over the three Saturdays on the school holidays (Sat 5, 12, 19 July from 1-4pm at the Scout Hall). There is a limit of 3 Cubs at a time so he can assist around 9 Cubs in total (the rest hopefully will do them at home with mum/dad).
• Decorating phase: This will need to be done at home, as each layer of paint and sealant needs time to dry. We can help with supplies if necessary. This is a chance to be creative! Think Lego, Star Wars, Minecraft, Zombies, 4WDs, Police Cars, Batmobiles, and so on. 
• Testing phase: This will be done in our Monday night meetings Weeks 1 & 2 of Term 3, running concurrently to the main program.  So during these weeks, Kaa will take small groups of Cubs aside and help them with the weighting and testing of their Kub Kars on the tracks.  We will weigh them to make sure they meet the rules and bring the weights up to the maximum level so they really fly!

The Kub Kars Kits will be available for purchase from Jacala, the cost is $8 (money in an envelope please).

We need to know who is or isn’t participating in the Kub Kar Rally on Sunday 3rd August, so please let us know emailing Jacala as to whether your Cub is participating, and which of Kaas workshops they wish to attend if parents don’t have the skills and tools to help.   

Kub Kar Trial - Cub Program meeting, Monday 28/7/14

Tonight we had our Kub Kar Testing and Trial phase, on a track which is a bit old but it did the job.  The Cubs had an awesome time and it was very noisy as they cheered on the Kars!  We bought the Kars up to maximum weight so they go as fast as possible. We have 11 Cubs and 3 Leaders racing on Sunday so we are delighted with such a great turn out! Good luck everyone!


Kub Kar Rally 2014 Program
Sunday 3rd August

Campbell High School Gym
Treloar Crescent, Campbell (near War Memorial)

 11.00-12.30pm Registration commences, Cubs assemble near Pack Flags outside Gym, BBQ lunch is available for purchase until 2pm, Leaders supervise Cub games outside Gym
 12.15pm         Briefing for race officials in Gym
 12.45pm     Official opening (Grand Howl)
 1.00pm Racing begins!
 1.30pm Badge sales begin, progressive tallying of completed race record sheets, design judging phase to begin
 2.30pmRacing finishes, final tallying of record sheets, design judging 
 2.40pmLeaders' race 
3.00pm  Race finals (Cub Scouts)
 3.20pmAwards and Closing (Grand Howl) 
 3.30pm-4.00pmPack up, clean up and vacate Gym 

If you have any queries about the Kub Kar Rally, please call Jacala on 0417350055.

Martine P.,
17 Jun 2014, 20:26
Martine P.,
17 Jun 2014, 20:26