Linking from Cubs to Scouts

A Cub may start linking from Cubs to Scouts anytime from their 10th birthday. The linking process must be complete no later than their 11th birthday.  Here's an outline of the process (this can also be found in the front of the green Scout Record Book and the back of the yellow Cub Scout Record book).

Your Patrol Leader and Scout Leader jointly carry out the training and testing during the linking process, which will result in the Scout Link Badge.

1. Attend four Scout Meetings / Activities.
Check with your Scout Leader first then attend the Scout meetings as well as the Cub meetings for a period of 4 meetings/activities. Ask your Patrol Leader and Scout Leader to record the meetings in your Scout Record Book. 

2. During talks with the Scout Leaders:
• Show a knowledge, understanding and acceptance of the Scout Promise and Law
• Get to know the other Scouts and Leaders in the Troop
• Discuss the Patrol System and Troop Council (Section Operation).

3. Take part in an activity with some Scouts.

4. With your Patrol, complete the following:
      Learn and be able to demonstrate the following knots:
• Reef Knot
• Clove Hitch
• Sheet Bend
• Rolling Hitch

5. Describe the Australian Flag and how to use it:
• Hoist the flag
• Break the flag

6. Know how to report an emergency:
• Understand the importance of this
• Know the first steps to control bleeding

7. Discuss the Scout Award Scheme with your Patrol Leader

8. Discuss the safety precautions of camp tools with your Patrol Leader

At each stage, your Patrol Leader or Scout Leader should date & initial your Scout Record Book. 

Once the linking process is complete, the Cub will be invested into their Scout Troop and presented with a Scout Link Badge and Scout Record Book.  During the linking process, the Cub will wear the Cub shirt, then on the night of the investiture, they will wear a Scout shirt which is available from the Scouts Shop at

NB: A Cub Scout may do the linking process relatively early, and be awarded with the link badge but stay in Cubs until just before their 11th birthday.  This mainly happens when a Cub needs extra time in the pack to finish off their Grey Wolf badge.

Your Scout Troop Leader will help you through the process, so if you have any queries, please give them a call.