Save the Tassie Devil program
Monday 13 October 2014

The Draco Scout Fellowship is a team of Scout Leaders within the ACT who visit other Scout groups to deliver special educational programs.  Last term they came out and taught our Cubs and Joeys about the history of Timor-Leste, how difficult conditions are there, and how the Scouting movement is giving joy and hope to their kids.  Through the sale of badges and donation requests, the Draco Fellowship also raises money for each program.  Google the Draco Fellowship Facebook page to see how much they have raised for Timor-Leste.

Tonight Air Scouts Cubs and Joeys were fortunate enough to have had another visit from Draco.  Following on from their Timor-Leste and Sharps Awareness programs, they delivered the new 'Save the Tassie Devil' program.  It was a sensational way to start Term 4, as not only did our Cubs and Joeys have terrific fun but the Leaders did too! We learned about the many things threatening the lives of this iconic Aussie animal and came up with ideas on how we can do more to save them.

Tim (Ikki) from Draco was wearing a Go Pro during the meeting as the Scouting movement in France is looking at adopting it too.  By getting the kids to role play as Tassie Devils, they became more engaged with the plight of these amazing animals. We learned about the major threats which are killing the remaining Tasmanian devils including poisoning, road accidents and farmers, and in their Sixes, they brainstormed ways to increase survival rates and then presented their ideas to the other Sixes. For many of our Joeys in particular, it was a rare opportunity to get up and present in front of a large group, and feedback from parents was enormously positive.

In the ACT we are fortunate to benefit from these hardworking Scout Leaders who run their own Cub pack and still find time to run these programs. Their commitment is amazing and just one of the many reasons we love being part of the Scouting movement.