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Temora Camp 15/16 Nov

Saturday saw us leave the hall right on time and head to Yass for our first wee stop. The cubs had a play in the park as the leaders and parents covered a few issues for the camp. Naag (Mike Hickey) joined us from the Mt Rogers Cub pack and provided much entertainment for the whole weekend. A big thanks goes to Naag and the famous Bear from all of us.

Our next stop found us at Harden where we had another wee break and a play in the park. We also had a small morning tea here before we would arrive at Temroa.
The Group at Temora Aviation museum Gates. Naag and Bear joined us.

We arrived at Temora around 11am the flying had already started with a Tiger moth and a couple of other aircraft flying around. Once in place the cubs were allowed to wonder around and enjoy the sites of the Museum and the aircraft which you can get really close to. Some cubs were interviewed and photographed by the local paper. We will endeavour to track down the report if appeared.
Group photo with Canberra Bomber.

We were able to to see many aircraft flying; spitfires, P40, Boomerang, Dragon Flies, Vampire, Meteor, Hudson and a big finish of the RAAF Hawk which was very low and very fast.

After the day at Temora we headed to Kurrajong Camp near Wagga Wagga and had set up camp for the night. We played a few wide area games and enjoyed some of the facilities at the camp ground. Kaa (Andrew) explained the beautiful night sky before supper. Naag gave us a great fireles campfire around his incredible camp blanket made up of scarves. Then it was of to bed and surprisingly the cubs slept. Thanks to Leslie and her husband that look after the camp ground.
About to do Emu Bob at Wagga Wagga Camp.

Sunday the sun rose with the Cockatoos that made a fantastic alarm clock just very hard to find the sleep button. We had a Canadian breakfast of pancakes, bacon and eggs with a drizzle of maple syrup. It seemed t be enjoyed by all as we had very little in way of left overs. It was at this point we also discovered the kitchen area had electric light and we had struggled with torches the night before cleaning up and making supper.
A mirage of flying cubs. RAAF base Wagga Wagga.

We decided to break camp after breakfast and headed to the RAAF base to look at the aircraft in the park before heading to Gundagai. Here we had morning tea in park and played a few more wide games. At this point we decided to come home a little early and headed for Canberra.

For many of the cubs this was their first camp and from their tired smiles Sunday afternoon I guess they had a great time.

I think we will make this camp an annual event for Cubs but may find a camping place nearer to Temora. If you know of a place let me know.

Lee "Wombat" Arnould