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Cubs Weekly Comp Term 4 2008

Week 9 Term 4

The Reverend John Flynn, OBE (25 November 1880-5 May 1951)
Flynn Memorial just west of Alice Springs in the shadows of Mt Gillen.
What is he most famous for?

Answer (Winner Jacob. Prize Notepad and Pencil)

Week 8 Term 4

This week was for just the younger cubs (Under 9yo)

What jelly is this Aeroplane the Mascot for?

Answer (Winner Stephen. Prize Personal First Aid Kit)

Week7 Term 4 2008

This week we did GPS navigation. The Cubs & Parents had to find 10 Caches hidden throughout Latrobe Park. Each cache had a letter in it and the cubs/parents needed to spell a ten letter word with the following letters


Answer (Winner Sarah a Parent. Prize Family Pass to the National Aquarium and Zoo thanks for their donation)

Week 6 Term 4 2008

Answer (Winner Liam - a Scout. Prize: Personal First Aid Kit)

Week 5 Term 4 2008

Hint: What did this man have to do with Flight in Australia. Diggers Rest Victoria 1910.
Answer (Winner Nick. Prize: Personal First Aid Kit)

Week 4 Term 4 2008

 Hint Given: Flew between 1942 and 1947. Could have been the US Navies first V\STOL Aircraft.
Answer (No Winner.  Prize: Small first aid kit)

Week 3 Term 4 2008

Hint give: Helped get man to the moon.
Answer (Winner Keira. Prize: Camp Blanket Badge)

Week 2 Term 4 2008

Hint given: Not flown yet. Would cost $200,000,000
Answer (Winner Yuri. Prize: Camp Blanket Badge)

Week 1 Term 4 2008

Hint Given: First supersonic Passenger/transport aircraft to fly. Used by NASA.
Answer (Winner Cormack. Prize: Camp Blanket Badge)