Yurt Farm Pack Holiday 2014
Goulburn NSW, 18-19 October 2014

What a sensational weekend we all had at the Yurt Farm Goulburn on the weekend - it will surely go down in Air Scouts history as one of the greatest Cub pack holidays ever!
On Saturday we played ping pong, toured the yurts in the village, had a scarf rolling session, learned how to light a campfire, made fishing rods then used them to fish from a dam, swung on a tyre rope, walked through the bush learning about wildflowers and animal tracks, slid down a flying fox, cooked damper on a stick around the campfire we made, rode on a trailer on the back of a tractor, had dinner and a singalong in a shearing shed, went back to camp for our own campfire sing along, held a scouts own and went stargazing with Andrew/Kaa’s telescope.

On Sunday we rode the tractor trailer again, milked a cow, fed some lambs, ground wheat into flour, collected eggs and learned that an Isa Brown hen lays 240 eggs a year, saw an incubator and tomatoes in a makeshift greenhouse, rode a horse (on a lead), played backyard cricket, played cat and mouse, walked down to the pig pen to see the new piglets & fed and watered them, helped the farmer move a cage, played with Dinner the farm dog, walked 2km back to camp, packed up our gear, washed up our mess bags, swept out the Yurts, invested Tara as a Cub and shared our favourite aspirational quotes in a Scouts Own run by Brock. 

Mike and Judit from the Yurt Farm were amazing hosts - they really love teaching kids about getting back to basics and how exciting farm life can be. Mike is known as the 'pied piper' and it was an insightful description of how much the kids loved following him around the form, they were hanging off every word he said!  Our dinner and singalong in the shearing shed was the most wonderful experience. 

If you'd like to find out more about the Yurt Farm for group or family bookings, contact Mike and Judit:
Yurt Farm website: http://www.yurtfarm.com.au
100 Alternatives to Watching TV: http://www.yurtfarm.com.au/100%20Activities.pdf

Here's what one of our Cubs had to say about the Yurt Farm:

"If your wondering about the Yurt Farm, it was one of my best camping experiences I ever had in my life. All the cubs and leaders including me and all of us had lots of great fun for example riding on a carriage, milking a cow and going fishing which I had never done before." 

We will be back as soon as we can - there's so much to do and we all felt like we wanted more time to stay and explore the many other activities on offer at the world famous Yurt Farm. 

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