Linking from Joeys to Cubs

A Joey may start linking from Joeys to Cubs any time from 7.5 years old with the process complete no later than their 8th birthday.  Here's an outline of the process (this can also be found in the front of the Cub Scout yellow record book).

1. Attend four Cub Scout Meetings.
Check with your Cub Scout Leader first then attend the Cub Scout meetings instead of the Joey meetings for a period of 4 meetings.

2. During talks with the Cub Scout Leader:

• Show a knowledge, understanding and acceptance of the Cub Scout Promise and Law.
• Know and understand the salute, demonstrate the Scout sign and left handshake. 
• Discuss the going-up and investiture ceremonies.

There is a very good book ‘My Adventure in to Cub Scouts’ which we loan to Joeys and must be returned at the end of the linking process.

3. Discuss being a Cub Scout with your future Sixer.
Your Cub Scout Leader will assign the linking Joey to a Six (Black, White, Red, Grey) and appoint a Sixer to guide you through the process and welcome you to the new ways of a Cub pack. 

4. Know the names of the leaders in the Cub Scout Section.
They will quickly learn the leaders names! 

5. Discuss the Pack visits with the Joey Scout Leader and Joey Scout Mob.
This is best done on a night when Cubs and Joeys meet together to save parents having to move the Joey around from one place to another. An important stage as sharing their experiences will get their Joey friends excited about their move to Cubs!

6. Hear how Scouting and Cub Scouting began and the first Jungle Story.
We have a Jungle Book Kit with a copy of The Jungle Book, and some important history on how Cub Scouting relates to Rudyard Kipling's classic book. This can be loaned by a Joey to support the face to face learning they'll get during meetings.

7. Understand the meaning of 'Good Turns' and how important it is that Cub Scouts do a good turn.
We discuss this on a regular basis within the pack and are always looking for good real life examples of where our Cubs have done a good turn for someone in their community, their teacher or a family member. 

Once the linking process is complete, the Joey will be invested into Cubs and presented with a Cub Link Badge and Cub Scout Record Book.  During the linking process, the Joey may wear the Joey shirt. On the night of the investiture, they will wear a Cub Scout shirt which is available from the Scouts Shop at

Your Cub Scout Leader will help you through the process, so if you have any queries, please give them a call.