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  • Cuboree 2014 Cuboree 201417-21 January 2014Cuboree is 4-day inter-group Cub camp, held at Camp Cottermouth once every 3 years.  The Cubs are away from home  having a brilliant time with their friends, leaders and other Cubs from the ACT and interstate.  It's a time of excitement, challenges and great friendships are built at Cuboree.  See the slideshow for all the action!
    Posted 1 May 2014, 19:00 by Martine P.
  • Latrobe Park Scout Hall 50th birthday Latrobe Park Scout Hall 50th birthday24 November 2013In November 2013, the Latrobe Park Scout Hall turned 50 years old, and it was the 10th anniversary for Air Scouts Canberra.  The community was invited to join us in Latrobe for a celebration which included pet rock making, water rockets, a flying fox and a flyover from the Canberra Aero Club.  A great day was had by all!
    Posted 1 May 2014, 19:01 by Martine P.
  • 737 Flight Simulator Night 737 Flight Simulator NightNovember 2013The Cubs recently visited the Canberra Jet Flight Simulator (http://www.jetflightsimulatorcanberra.com.au/) for a short flight of a 737. I heard some of the cub put the jet to a test doing barrel roles in flight. Many were able to take off and land the jet but all had a great time.
    Posted 1 May 2014, 19:02 by Martine P.
  • Helicopter Night Helicopter Night November 2013The cubs and joey scouts recently went to see a helicopter to find out how it worked and get a closer look at one of these amazing machines. Imagine their surprise when the pilot kindly offered to take each of the for a short joy flight. Their excitement  and smile were impossible to quell. Each group of three cubs made their way to the helicopter and were seated, buckled and then with a roar and blast of dust and wind they were gone only to return a few minutes later ready to swap with the next group. A big thanks to Cameron's dad for organising a fantastic evening for all of us. I have never ...
    Posted 1 May 2014, 18:59 by Martine P.
  • Hovercrafts Cubs and Joey Scout had a flight on hovercrafts. The night started with a game requiring the group to move a ball by blowing on it then we made our own little hovercraft and we each had a turn on the actual hovercraft. We did this over two weeks with half the group at the flight simulator and other half doing hovercrafts.
    Posted 25 Nov 2013, 14:19 by Web Master
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