Grey Wolf Badge for Cubs

The Grey Wolf is the very Pinnacle of Cub Scouting. It's the only Cub scout badge that you're entitled to wear throughout your remaining scouting life - and it's rare.

Don't be too disappointed if you don't manage to achieve it - it's a lot of work and you only have three years to complete it in. Only a very small number of cub scouts complete it.

That said, if you work hard, you should be able to achieve it. The grey wolf is open and achievable to all cub scouts - including those with special needs.

If you're planning to go for your Grey Wolf, you should be thinking about it by the time you reach 9½ years of age. You'll need to already be working on your achievement badges because some of those take several months to complete.

You should let your Akela know that you're planning to do the Grey Wolf too. Akela will be able to help you by adding special events to the group's timetable.

Special Note: District will usually allow cubs aged over 10½ to receive the Grey Wolf if appropriate notice has been given. They will not usually allow cubs over the age of 11yrs to receive them.

Requirement 1: The Gold Boomerang

Essentially, you start cubs at about 7½ years of age. You finish at about 10½. For each year in cubs, you're supposed to do a boomerang badge. At the end of your Gold Boomerang, you can start working on your Grey Wolf.

Note that if you're already an older cub, you can skip boomerangs. For example a cub who is 9½ should be starting on their gold boomerang regardless of whether or not they've finished their bronze and silver ones.

In order to qualify for the Grey Wolf Badge, you need to have completed your Gold Boomerang badge (see The Cub Scout Record Book).

Requirement 2: Outdoor Activities

In the past 12 months, you will need to have participated in at least four Outdoor Activities;

  • One of which must be an overnight camp
  • One should be an interpack activity
  • One of them should probably be your bushwalk
  • The last one can be pretty much any outdoors activity for which an A1 permissions form was required

Most cub scout packs have camps but some do not. If your pack doesn't have camps, you should talk to your Akela about joining a camp with a different pack - perhaps some of your fellow cubs will want to go with you. Your region will run camps annually too, so there will be opportunities available.

You'll notice the wording above states that one of these activities should be an interpack activity. It doesn't say that it must be. If you can manage it, it's worth doing one - even the leadership course run by your district/region can be considered "interpack". If you can't manage an interpack event, then a general outing should still suffice.

Requirement 3: The Bushwalk

Although this requirement is often bundled in with the general outdoor activities, it's really a very specific activity with important rules. For ease of reference, we've given it a section of its own.

Using a map, plan and lead a bushwalk of at least 2 hours duration with your Leader and a group of Cub Scouts (at least 3, no more than 6). Make sure everyone has appropriate equipment, clothing, food and a personal first aid kit for your chosen bushwalk.

Note that it's not a requirement of the Grey Wolf to keep a log of the walk however it is recommended that you do. You'll be keeping logs thoughout your time in Scouts, and anything you do in cubs can help you to achieve the required number of hours more quickly.

Akela should give the grey wolf cub a bit of direction but essentially on the day, they will be on their own. The grey wolf candidate should;

  • Provide his group with appropriate maps and/or direction
  • Tell them what to bring
  • Check their packs to see what was actually brought
  • Have backups of the essentials.(first aid kit, compass etc)
  • Demonstrate emergency preparedness (eg: have mobile phone contact numbers)
  • Check the other cubs belongings for security - eg: are their bags zipped before they start walking
  • Assign appropriate trailer cubs to the end of the line
  • Do appropriate roll-call checks.

Requirement 4: The Pack Councils

All packs should have pack councils and most have one or two per term. The requirement of the grey wolf is that you attend at least two of these. You should make sure that you allow a couple of terms to do this and make sure that Akela is aware of your need so that they can be timetabled and you can be informed of where and when they are to take place.

If you are pressed for time, Akela can arrange to have a pack council at any time including during the cubs meeting or during a camp.

Requirement 5: Four Level Two Achievement Badges (One from Each Category)

This might not have been such a difficult requirement were it not for the fact that you need to complete one from each category. Below are the categories and the badges which fit them. You can also browse the Achievement Badges by Category in The Cub Scout Record Book.

  • Category: Arts and Literature
    • Art and Design, Entertainer, Handcraft, Handyworker, Literature, Masks and Sculpture, Musician, Photography
  • Category: Nature Science and Technology
  • Animals and Birds, Bushcraft, Codes and Signals, Engineer, Flight, Gardener, Information Technology, Naturalist, Scientist, Space, Weather
  • Category: Sports and Recreation
    • Athlete, Canoeing, Collector, Cooking, Cyclist, Fishing, Pets, Sailing, Sports, Swimmer
  • Category: Our World
  • Citizenship, First Aider, International Culture, Traveller, World Friendship

Requirement 6: Special Interest Badge

You will need to have completed one of the Special Interest Badges (Faith Awareness, Heritage, Landcare, Language, Leadership, Local History, Waterwise or World Conservation). Note that these badges can take some time too and some, such as the Heritage badge are often dependant on special events such as Anzac Day or Remembrance Day.

Requirement 7: Jungle Book Resource

Develop and present a resource for your Six or Pack based on your understanding of the Jungle Books. The suggestions given in the yellow book are; a game (active, board or card), skit/play, puppets or a booklet, a shoe box diorama.

There are two main components of this task;

  • Develop/Create
  • Present

Some ideas for resources could include;

  • A chess game with Jungle Book Pieces
  • A jungle book sculpture
  • A jungle book puppet show
  • Who am I guessing Games
  • A slideshow presentation
  • Card Games (preferably not snap - why not try to create a jungle books "top trumps" game
  • Board Games (you could adapt a well known game like Monopoly for Jungle Book).
  • Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Adapted games - adapt any existing scout game to jungle book based (see Shere Khan's Steak for an example)

Whatever you create, it will be a resource for your pack and should be left there. Akela will need to make a report on the work and your district leaders will have to have a look at it.

The resource should also be presented to your pack. If you've made a game, then several members of your pack should play it. If you have more of a presentation piece, then you should present it to the group.

You can find more info on the grey wolf projects, including photos of them at the Cub Stuff website.

Requirement 8: The Form

Like all Scouting activities, the grey wolf requires a form. You need to give Akela plenty of warning about the Grey Wolf because there are special sections that Akela needs to fill out. The form also needs to be signed by some important people around the group, so it may take extra time depending upon their availability.

The Grey Wolf Application form is available on the ACT Scouts Website.