Air Scouts Canberra fires 100 gun salute for 100 years Scouting in Australia

At the weekly Troop meeting held on the eve of Founder's Day, when Scouts the world over paused to remember the birthday of founder of the Scouting movement Lord Baden-Powell, Air Scouts Canberra (ASC) Scout Troop marked the occasion with a very special event at Latrobe Park: ASC Scout Troop gave a 100 gun salute in commemoration of 100 years Scouting in Australia.

ASC scouts constructed soda water bottle howizters, powered by compressed air, delivered by bicycle tyre pumps, and some Newtonian physics.

Each charge load included an amount of water to act as propellant. The compressed air from the vigorous action of Scout Gun #1 on the pump forces the cork and then the water from the bottle. The water falls down to the ground but the now empty bottle flies forward and upward, guided by PVC tubing and the steady aim of Scout Gun #2. Trial and error determined the optimum propellant charge, cork force, and barrel elevation for maximum height and distance.

After the formal salute, the Scout Gun parties did what Scouts do naturally and commenced a dualling battle, trading salvos and the re-useable PET bottles, until a cessation of hostilities was called due to bad light.