Recent Activities - Scouts

Sydney Harbour Sailing Camp

April 2019
1.Scouts on the Tall Ship, Sydney Harbour.
2. Canoeing on Sydney Harbour.
3. Cl;imbing the mast of the Tall Ship.
4. The Tall Ship that the scouts went on.

Scout Rock, Cottermouth, ACT

1. The view from Scout Rock over the Cotter River.
2. Abseiling at Scout Rock, Cottermouth.
3. Abseiling at Scout Rock, Cottermouth.

Flight over Canberra

2. View from the plane..
3. Scouts flying over Canberra.

Archery at Cottermouth

1. Scouts learning archery at Cottermouth.
2. Aiming for a bullseye at Cottermouth.

Raft Regatta

1. Traditional barrel raft.
2. "Jerry the Legend" pallet raft.
3. Scouts on the water for the Raft Regatta.
4. The Winning Trophy.

Sailing on Lake Burley Griffin

1. Sailing on Lake Burley Griffin with the Sea Scouts.
2. Sailing on Lake Burley Griffin.

Helicopter Flight at Hall

29th July 2018
1. Scouts having a helicopter flight at Hall.
2. A few flying stories from the pilot..
3. Scouts taking off for their flight at Hall.
4. A fantastic day of flying for everyone.

Geocaching at Googong Dam and Lindsay Pryor Arboretum

Hiking the Corn Trail - Monga National Park

1. Hiking the Corn Trail at the Monga National Park, New South Wales. There were just a few leeches...
2. Beautiful rain forest on the Corn Trail at Monga National Park, NSW.

Bungonia National Park

1. Hiking (and resting) in Bungonia National Park
2. View from the top - Bungonia National Park.
3. Abseiling at Bungonia National Park.
4. Remembrance Day Ceremony at Bungonia National Park.


1. Sailing with the Lake Tuggeranong Sea Scouts.
2. Beautiful sunset when sailing.
3. Scouts out and about sailing with the Lake Tuggeranong Sea Scouts.