Scout Troop Raft Regatta

Scout Troop Raft Regatta

Hotly contested this year, the large field of 127 scouts (in teams of 4 to 8 Scouts) were all out to knock the defending champions (us) off our perch. We had two of our own teams competing, comprising 9 scouts in total.

Points were awarded in categories of:

  • design concept and material selection
  • construction technique and build quality
  • teamwork, both off and on the water
  • readiness for start time
  • time to complete the course (banded in 10 min. brackets)

Following the scoring and adding up, two teams sat on top of the leader board, each with a combined score of 24 points:

  • Oxley Troop, Lake Tuggeranong Sea Scouts and
  • Thunderbirds, Air Scouts Canberra

The deadlock was resolved by reference to race finishing time. Due to a slow start and some unfortunate on-water congestion, we were slower than Oxley (they finished third, we finished fourth).So, we came second overall. Well done Thunderbirds! (Liam, Logan, Nicholas, Josie, Arend)

Also well done to our other competing team, "The Blobs" (Kiera, Taisha, Siobhan, Jamie). Overcoming an unintended inversion before the race had started, they soldiered on, in "USD" mode, to finish the course (something that quite a few other teams didn't manage to do).

A great outcome and some valuable lessons learned, namely:

  1. Practice pays off.
  2. Stick with what was practiced.
  3. Keep going, even if it looks like you're out of contention.
  4. Feel proud of your efforts today.