Scouts at Moruya

18-19 December

Scouts at Moruya

Scouts recently spent a relaxing weekend at Moruya River (North Head) campground adjacent to Moruya airfield, the beach and of course the river. Activities included all the classic elements: earth, wind, fire and water. We were well ground (pegged-in and guyed down).

Saturday was perfectly calm whereas Sunday got a little blowy. Beach and river play kept everyone busy during the day and "Nature's TV" got a good workout on Saturday evening.

Sunday highlights included flights in a Cessna 182, a significant amount of award scheme "teach and test" and, sadly, packing up to go home.

What a great way to wind up a fine year of Scouting. Looking forward, some of our scouts (who you'd have to call "camp-aholics"), will turn their eyes to the next Australian Jamboree where, with up to 15,000 close friends, they will have 12 days (and nights) of organised mayhem.

Give me a swim and a quiet sit by the fire anytime.