Hike in Namadgi

28-29 November

Scouts hike in Namadgi

On 28-29 Nov, nine of our scouts led themselves through some awesome scenery in Namadgi National Park to find out whether they were Hikers or Pikers. This was an overnight round trip, with packs, leaving from and returning to the Orroral Tracking Station Picnic Area.

Saturday was along Cotter Hut Road for approximately 13 kilometres, including a testing climb in the heat of the day. We had lunch not long after that, then continued on … and on … and on. It was a long afternoon but the ever changing scenery never failed to delight. We eventually found a suitable campsite in an open area at the northern end of Orroral Valley. We had good access to the Orroral River and drew as much clear, cool water as we needed. We had our dinners and sat around a small campfire before a well-deserved rest. We weren’t sure who was going to win the howling contest as the Wild Dogs didn’t give in easily. Well done to the girls!

Greeted by light rain and mist on Sunday morning meant for a late start and wet tents to pack away and carry. The return journey on Sunday was approximately 9 kilometres via the Australian Alps Walking Track. This took a little under 3 hours. Some remarked how the majestic openness of Orroral Valley was reminiscent of another incredible journey.