Scouts Knotting Night

8 August

Scouts Knotting Night

A huge part of scouting is based around knots - how to tie them and when to use them. Without understanding the different types of knots and their potential applications, knots can be very challenging to learn! Over two nights, our scout patrols worked to apply various knots to suit the application. Here we share how the night unfolded.

Patrol Leader Leo works with Adam who is linking from cubs, to review the types of knots to be covered throughout the evening...

Biliyara provides a quick refresher on which knots will be used where while the scouts look on.

Getting started with some of the easier knots - this is the CLOVE HITCH.

And the easiest knot of all, the REEF KNOT.

Aiden ist starting a ROLLING HITCH.


This shows the CLOVE HITCH - step 1...

..Step 2..

..and Step 3

Later in the night we took things outside to practice our knotting applications. This is a Reef Knot in the making - useful in first aid slings.

Then we used a ROLLING HITCH to make the guy ropes for an emergency shelter.

To set up the tarp from our emergency shelter we have used a FIGURE 8 in the tarp eyelet.

Then we used Tripods to hang our billy over the fire to make some hot milo for supper.

At the end of the night it was time for an investiture by the fire.

Then time for closing ceremony before heading home.