Air Scouts - Scout Section
Teenage Boys & Girls aged 10.5 to 14.5 Years

Section Leader:-  Claire Konno (Bilyara) - 0487 471 240 -          

Meeting time:- Tuesdays 6.00pm - 8.00pm

The Scouts of Air Scouts Canberra have an aviation focus but we also do all things other scout groups do. Our Scout Troop meets regularly at the hall or off site so please contact the Section Leader for more information on our Scouts. 

“Action Plus” is the best way to describe the life of a Scout. Scouts have the opportunity to experience numerous adventures. Many discover they have a special interest in one or more of the extensive range of activities and interests available in Scouting. They are able to follow these through with the help of the Scout Leaders and fellow Patrol Members. Scouting is a constant round of adventure, abseiling, flying, hiking, camping, canoeing and sailing. Importantly, with the help and support of professionally trained Scout Leaders, Scouts not only face the action, but they learn to do it safely.

At Scouts you'll become a member of a Scout Patrol and your Patrol will work with other Patrols to form a larger Scout Troop. Together you'll make important decisions, set critical goals, and depend on each other to succeed. And when you do succeed, you can earn achievement badges.

Scout meetings consist of:
★ Team-building activities
★ Organising and playing team games
★ Developing specialised skills and knowledge
★ Outdoor scouting and hiking skills
★ Planning for weekend adventures and campouts.

Scout Troops usually meet every week to discuss their progress and work towards achieving their goals. At meetings Troop members share stories and experiences of their recent adventures and offer advice to one another. Scout Leaders teach safety lessons on how to use equipment correctly and inspire their Scouts to be the best individuals and team players that they can be.

Moving up
Scouts may commence transition (Link Badge) any time after their 14th birthday and have progressed to Venturer Scouts by the time they are 15 years of age.

Badges and the Award Scheme
The Scout Award Scheme provides the main focus for Patrol and Troop activities and gives suitable recognition to Scouts for achievement. There are three levels of Target badges. To achieve the Pioneer, Explorer or Adventurer Badge, the Scout must complete the two compulsory Campcraft and Citizenship Target badges, plus one of the six elective Target badges at each level.

Proficiency Badges: The aim of this system is to allow the Scout to develop in a challenging and interesting pursuit. To achieve a Proficiency Badge the Scout must fulfil requirements set in conjunction with their Adviser and which include the three elements of demonstrate/investigate, skill and an activity. There are 31 Scout Proficiency Badges.

The Australian Scout Medallion is the highest award in the Scout Section. It is considered the pinnacle of Scouting at this stage. To earn the Australian Scout Medallion a Scout must:
★ Participate in a Scout Leadership Course at any time after completion of the Pioneer Badge;
★ Demonstrate an active leadership role in Scouting;
★ Achieve the Adventurer Cord.

Scout motto
Be Prepared

Scout promise
On my honour
I promise that I will do my best
To do my duty to my God, and
To the Queen of Australia (or To Australia)
To help other people
To live by the Scout Law

Scout Law
A Scout is trustworthy
A Scout is loyal
A Scout is helpful
A Scout is friendly
A Scout is cheerful
A Scout is considerate
A Scout is thrifty
A Scout is courageous
A Scout is respectful
A Scout cares for the environment