Becoming a Leader

Leader Application Kit.pdf

As a volunteer organisation we always need to be looking for new leaders. If you are willing to help out as an assistant leader we will assist you by funding you scout leadership training, and can offer you some of the best time and experiences helping children grow and learn.

As a leader you need to be aware that you take on a responsibility to care for the children of your section. As well as the meeting night (1~2 hrs) there is planning and preparation time, weekend activities and training courses, as well as a quarterly meeting of leaders in the group and a regular meeting of the leaders in the district. Scouting would not exist if leaders did not think the time invested was worth it.

Please speak to your current Section Leader to discuss further, and please be confident that starting the conversation will be obligation-free. We are not keen on asking parents to over-commit when we know they have busy lives too.

The application form you need to complete to become a Section Leader is shown below. Note that a valid Working with Vulnerable People (WWVP) card is compulsory for all adult helpers and leaders.