Joining Air Scouts

Here are the guidelines on joining Air Scouts Canberra:

Determine which section is suitable for your child - Joeys, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers (if you are unsure then contact one of the section leaders on the Contact Us page to help you decide).

Check the meeting times to make sure they suit your family (if the night or time does not suit you or your child, there are around 60 other Scout groups in the Canberra area to choose from).

Contact the Leader for that section, who will send you the upcoming program and welcome you along to the next meeting. The contact details are at the front of this Guide. If sections are full, there may be a waiting list – if so, members linking from younger groups (eg Joeys to Cubs) will have priority along with any child whose parent wishes to join up as a full time Leader.

Start a free trial to see if your child likes Scouting. Your child is welcome to attend Air Scouts on a trial basis for a maximum of 3 visits in a 4 week period before any commitment (the 4 week period can be frozen temporarily eg if you are going on holidays, or there are school holidays in between). Before your child can participate in any Scout meetings you will need to complete an ‘Application for Youth Membership’ form (see below) to qualify for insurance cover for your child whilst they are trying out Scouts. You are welcome to, but not required to stay at the meeting at the trial period, as long as we have your contact details which will appear on the ‘Application for Youth Membership’ form.

Advise the Leader that you’d like to join Air Scouts. The Term fee + Joining fee (see below) will be required at this time and this will be sent with your ‘Application for Youth Membership’ form to the ACT Branch Office. If you decide not to join, your form will be kept securely on file for a certain period for insurance purposes.

Prepare for the ‘Investiture’ ceremony, and purchase a uniform which consists of only a Section shirt. These can be purchased online from the Scouts Shop. The scarf, woggle, badges and any booklets you need will be provided by the group at the investiture ceremony and are included in your joining fee. Only children who have paid their joining and term fees can be invested.

Scout Fees

Youth member fees are collected annually (renewals due 1 June each year) and include both the ScoutsACT Branch fee and our Air Scouts Canberra Group fee. The Branch fee covers: Branch facilities, staff and activity costs, personal insurance for scouting activities. The Group fee covers: program resources and equipment, hall insurance, maintenance and utilities, leader membership fees, training and uniforms. Please note that Leaders are volunteers — they are not paid.

The current annual fee is $400 plus a one-off $50 joining fee for new members which covers: group scarf, woggle, section record book and starter badges. If joining through the year, pro-rata fees are based on whole or part of an ACT School Term. We will advise you of the fees required during the trial period.


  • Free trial period is offered for up to three attendances over a maximum period of four weeks.
  • Discounts are available for children of Leaders, Adult Helpers and Support Committee members.
  • Joining fee is reduced to $25 for transferees from other Scout groups requiring only group scarf and name tape.

Payment is by Cash, Cheque or EFT (preferred):

  • Cash should be enveloped with payee name and amount.
  • Cheque should be payable to 'Air Scouts Canberra’.
  • EFT details are: BSB 032-722 / ACN 18-0601 (please use child's name as reference)


Application Form Air Scouts Canberra

Please complete the 'Application for Youth Membership' form and bring it along to your first meeting. Whether you have decided to join or not, your child will be covered by Scouts insurance during official Scouting activities.

New parents guide to Air Scouts v7.pdf

New Parent's Guide to Air Scouts booklet

For more details on Air Scouts and what we do, please download the attachment at the bottom of the page, called the 'New Parent's Guide to Air Scouts'. We hope it answers many of your questions, but if you have any other specific questions, please contact the Section Leader.