Section Leader:- Jared Hutchinson (Ford) - email or call 0416 670 811

Meeting Thursdays: 6.30-8.30 pm

Venturer scouts meet regularly and run their own program, comprising a wide variety of activities, in addition to participating in ACT Branch events. See their website at

Pretty Beach, NSW - Hiking

Catapult Construction

We Tame Dragons Complete with Dance Moves

Venturers have been working on their fire twirling skills. Under earlier instruction from expert Rovers they've learnt the essential safety precautions and basic moves for fire twirling using a double ended staff. They practiced their skills and have put a video together with accompanying music.

Scouts, cubs and joeys are advised not to try this at home.

How We Roll

Air Scouts Canberra and Macarthur Scout Troops held an inaugural inter-troop Billy Cart challenge on Sun 29 May under clear autumn skies at an un-disclosed venue.

Several contraptions were entered by each troop, with Macarthur adopting a "big wheels' strategy that appeared to have the better of the lawn mower and pram wheeled Air Scouts Canberra vehicles.

Its uncertain whether this technological advantage could be linked to recent reports of several wheel chairs and mobility scooters being found dismantled in and around the southern suburbs.

A special entry was made by Air Scouts Canberra Venturers. A low-slung Tandem cart was fielded with reasonable success, given its little wheel heritage.This apparent disadvantage in outright speed seems to have been countered by better stability and cornering due to lower centre of gravity.

The dual configuration allowed for some race-time "interference" that did not go unnoticed by race officials and the local authorities. As the Venturers soon discovered, the Long Arm of the Law was the eventual winner, even in this remote area.

Orroral Valley, ACT - More hiking!